Eastside-Fairport Basketball

About Us

Eastside-Fairport Basketball has been developing players for over 25yrs.  The program is based in Fairport NY.

Players must be residents of the town of Fairport or attend Fairport schools to be eligible to play for the program.  If  you are a non-resident or non-student in the Fairport district and your town has no basketball program you may be eligible to tryout for Eastside-Fairport.  This scenario will still need to be approved by the club.

We at Eastside are very excited to announce the opportunity to work with Power Train.  Power Train is a top-level resource for Sports Performance training.  Working with kids as young as nine, Power Train has helped develop athletes involved in a wide variety of sports; including Basketball.  We acknowledge the importance of Strength and Conditioning, and its significant benefits to an athletes growing body. Our goal is to provide players within the organization the resources to become physically and mentally prepared for the stressors that come with sports.